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Candace Propp - mixed media artist & Yogini


Creating Space: Yoga Actions Series 

Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Feet & Ankles

Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Legs & Knees

Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Pelvis & Psoas

Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Torso & Spine

Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Shoulders & Arms

 ideal for :

  • Yogis and yogis looking to deepen their practice
  • Yoga Teachers looking for ideas on how to help students become aware of their bodies as well for sequences.

Designed for your Apple devices, our 5 e-books focus on enhancing body awareness, skeletal alignment and muscle integration. Included in each book are up to 280 asana photos and 6 videos that illustrate pre, peak and post poses for beginner and intermediate sequences. 

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“Candace and Helen have combined their talents to produce a book that is both challenging and methodical - a rare treat. Their own personal practices shine through with the inclusion of beautiful and simple photographic illustrations. As an eBook it is a helpful and convenient resource that both yoga practitioners and teachers will want to return to often for guidance.”

Jan Debenham

“Candace and Helen have put together a yoga book that is both comprehensive and inviting. The clear photos, and an easy to use format allow readers to experience detailed instructions in a simple way. Students with a curiosity to explore the subtle and profound depths of yoga will love this book.” 

Shauna Ellerby

“Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Feet & Ankles is a treasure chest filled with a bounty of focused yoga actions. The book has a playful sense that inspires yoga practitioners to explore how each pose feels using different actions. Candace and Helen's loving dedication to their yoga practice and to the niyama of svadhyaya, self-study, is reflected in the book's carefully chosen instructions, the fluid sequencing and the beautiful images. As such, as a yoga teacher's reference, it provides a unique practitioner's resource to traditional yoga actions, breath instruction and asana propping.”

Patty Lacosse

New book

Creating Space: Yoga Actions Asana Glossary

This sixth book contains well over 700 photo images of poses (asanas) representing every pose and it's variations that we used throughout all five Yoga Actions books. The Glossary is divided into main categories, ie. standing poses, forward bends, restorative poses. Within each category, the individual poses are organized alphabetically by their Sanskrit names. Each asana begins with a photo of the most complete version of the pose that we used in our books, followed by a pictorial journey into the various stages and alterations of each pose. You can also see how two different bodies, Helen's and mine, work within the demands of each pose. 

We hope you find this book, as well as our others, a gem of usefulness!                                 

Print copies of all books can be bought through or directly through myself if you live in or around Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

                                                    $26.25 CDN  (tax included) 


additional yoga programs

on-line 12-week course & 200 hr teacher training program

In addition to their 6 books, Candace and Helen have written and implemented a 200 hour CYA accredited Teacher Training Program based on their books. Plus, they are presently writing a 12-week whole-body transformation program soon to be released online.  Contact Candace for more information or purchase.


Meet the AUTHORS


Candace Propp

Candace loves to create, be it in the art studio or the asana room. As an artist, Candace's passion for all that yoga offers her is creatively depicted in her art. Conversely, as a yoga instructor, her ability to see the many possibilities held within our bodies gets translated into her imaginative yoga lessons and sequences enabling her students to also enjoy yoga's gifts.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, Candace has accrued over 500 hours of primary and advanced accredited teacher training through Yoga Centre Winnipeg and other sources.



Helen is passionate about transforming fear into love - from her, for her, for all. She expresses her commitment to transformation through writing poetry and self-awareness books, co-designing organizations into adaptive enterprises and deepening her daily meditation and yoga practices.

Helen maintains that her 500-hour teacher accreditation (Yoga Centre Winnipeg) deeply enriched her transformational journey and provided a much-loved spiritual community.